Tree Stand Steps

Tree stand steps tend to be 2 main types

  • Strap-on steps
  • Screw-in steps

A recent addition is to have glowing steps!

Strap-on Steps

The advantage of these steps is that they are fast to hook up and lightweight for easy transport. Some of them are strength tested to 500 lbs.

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Screw-in Step

These steps usually fold up for easy storage and transport and are constructed out of steel with stainless steel rivets.

Some are shaped like a letter T to make it easier to screw in by hand.

If they are left screwed in year after year they should be inspected regularly as the wood can rot around the screw and the screw can fall out when under load.

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Glowing tree stand step

How do you improve on perfection? Make It Glow!! When you are descending in the dark that extra bit of help identifying the step location can prevent slips and falls. They can be purchased separately and installed as you need them.

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