Elevated Hunting Box Blind

An elevated hunting box blind is essentially a box with a door, and between 1-4 windows. They are usually elevated between 12 and 20 feet off the ground, but heights can vary.

Benefits of Hunting from an elevated hunting box blind:

  • Better view with the elevation
  • Concealment from the deer or other animals being hunted
  • Better containment or elimination of your scent with the elevation
  • Protection from the cold and wet weather [so you can stay in the field longer]
  • Minimizes any noise, particularly if you add carpet to the floor
  • Allows you to hunt where you couldn’t hunt before such as open fields
  • Allows you to video your hunt by be able to have the equipment next to you in the blind
  • You can add a portable heating source for cold conditions
  • The ability to have more than one person hunting together and yet minimizing movement and sound [especially if its children as its a big ask for them to remain motionless for hours!]
  • Provides more movement, comfort and allows more equipment to be taken
  • Can be camouflaged with limbs or camo netting
  • Reduces the problems of bugs distracting you and causing you to make movements that may be seen by your game

If you are thinking of building your own box tower blind, visit hunting blind plans.

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