Purchaser Agreement

To purchase our plans, your agreement is required on the following points;

Once you take possession of our plans, we have no control over:

  • The quality and suitability of the materials you use/purchase to build the blinds
  • The type, quality and suitability of the tools you use for construction, and safety procedures during the use of those tools
  • The standard to which you construct the blind
  • The safety procedures you take during construction, transport, erection, maintenance and use of the blind
  • Any assistance you receive during the construction, transport, erection or maintenance of the blind

As a result of us having no control over the matters described above;

  • We cannot be held liable or responsible for any accident or injury sustained during construction, erection, transport, maintenance or use of the blinds
  • We provide no warranty with any of the plans
  • We provide no refunds
  • If you choose to build a blind based upon these plans, you assume all risks during construction and use.
  • HuntingBlindPlans.com cannot be held legally liable for the construction, handling, transport or use of any blinds you construct. We have no control over the construction process or materials used, and therefore by using these plans, you agree to indemnify us, and forfeit any legal action or litigation against us.

The plans are sold to the individual who purchases them and are Copyright and therefore:

  •  You agree not to distribute them for any reason
  •  You agree not to re-sell them
  •  Violations will be treated as breech of copyright and will result in legal action

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