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As a trophy on a wall they can be a reminder of the challenge, hard work and planning that went into the hard won success.

The larger the size, usually the more cunning and skill are required to outwit the wary old bucks.

The deer use them for several functions including weapons for fighting off predators, sparring [fighting] and breeding dominance during the rut.

In the whitetail’s world, dominance tends to be decided by size of body and size of their headwear.

They are grown new each year and shed after the breeding season. They are made from bone and are living tissue and are therefore not horns.

Horns such as you see on cattle or mountain sheep are permanent and continue growing, and are made of keratin, a tough protein material that is dead.

Hunters interests can include:

  • Hunting for sheds
  • Scoring
  • Rattling to attract bucks
  • Velvet
    • Benefits of deer velvet
    • Velvet – herbal
    • Velvet medicine
    • Velvet extract
    • First FDA deer velvet healthcare claim
    • Velvet products
  • Supplements
  • Growth and development
  • How to mount them
  • Make a chandelier

Whatever the area of interest, whenever hunters gather they are always part of the

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