Hunting Box Blinds

Hunting box blinds are essentially a box with a door, and between 1-4 windows. They are usually on the ground or may be elevated up to about 4 feet to keep snakes etc out.

Benefits of using hunting box blinds:

  • Concealment from the deer
  • Contains or eliminates your scent
  • Great if you don’t like heights
  • Protection from the cold and wet weather [so you can stay in the field longer]
  • Minimizes any noise, particularly if you add carpet to the floor
  • Allows you to hunt where you couldn’t hunt before such as open fields
  • Allows you to video your hunt by be able to have the equipment next to you in the blind
  • You can add a portable heating source for cold conditions
  • The ability to have more than one person hunting together and yet minimizing movement and sound [especially if its children as its a big ask for them to remain motionless for hours!]Provides more movement, comfort and allows more equipment to be taken
  • Can be camouflaged with limbs or camo netting
  • Reduces the problems of bugs distracting you and causing you to make movements that may be seen by your game
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