Hunting Locations

Hunters just starting out and thinking of hunting locations often ask where can they go hunting?  The answer depends on their contacts and their enthusiasm to find a hunting location that doesn’t have much hunting pressure.

Hunters with more experience can usually be successful in heavily pressured areas because they have learnt the skills and have the experience to get the deer in their sights even in the hard hunted areas where hunting pressure has increased the deer’s wariness and ability to evade hunters.

The two main options for hunters are to hunt on private land or public land.

Private Land

Hunting Locations


A hunter or group of hunters may own the land, or the landowner may have given permission to hunt the land.

Another popular option is to lease the land. Examples include companies that own wooded land for logging or farmers who have wooded areas but don’t hunt deer themselves.

The advantage is that it is usually safer as the hunting party will probably have the area to themselves, and it will have seen less hunting pressure.

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Public Land

Hunting Locations


These are areas set aside just for public hunting. It means that other hunters will have access also and will probably be hunting in the same area at the same time.

The disadvantage is that the area is likely to be shared by several hunters, and the deer will be wary and well skilled in avoiding hunters.

To find out more information about the public hunting areas, contact your Department of Natural Resources [DNR] or Fish and Game Department.

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Listed below are the States DNR links to their websites:

  • Alabama:
  • Alaska:
  • Arizona:
  • Arkansas:
  • California:
  • Colorado:
  • Connecticut:
  • Delaware:
  • Florida:
  • Georgia:
  • Hawaii:
  • Idaho:
  • Illinois:
  • Indiana:
  • Iowa:
  • Kansas:
  • Kentucky:
  • Louisiana:
  • Maine:
  • Maryland:
  • Massachusetts:
  • Michigan:
  • Minnesota:
  • Mississippi:
  • Missouri:
  • Montana:
  • Nebraska:
  • Nevada:
  • New Hampshire:
  • New Jersey:
  • New Mexico:
  • New York:
  • North Carolina:
  • North Dakota:
  • Ohio:
  • Oklahoma:
  • Oregon:
  • Pennsylvania:
  • Rhode Island:
  • South Carolina:
  • South Dakota:
  • Tennessee:
  • Texas:
  • Utah:
  • Vermont:
  • Virginia:
  • Washington:
  • West Virginia:
  • Wisconsin:
  • Wyoming:

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Canada Deer Hunting Information Websites
  • Alberta:
  • British Columbia:
  • Manitoba:
  • Ontario:
  • Quebec:
  • Saskatchewan:
  • Whether you choose private or public land, nothing beats getting out there and enjoying and learning from your hunting experience.

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