Summit Tree Stand

The Summit tree stand company celebrated its 25-year history in 2006.

It has been involved in tree stand manufacture for a long time and was a leader in safety by being the first to include a safety harness with each tree stand sold.

Their product range includes:

  • Ladder stands [1 and 2 person]
  • Hang-on tree stands
  • Climbing tree stands
  • Pods [360 degree tripod] with an 8′ platform [1 and 2 person]
  • ATV products
  • Tree stand accessories
  • Replacement parts
  • Hunting DVD’s
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Recent products include:

  • Ultimate Viper SS
  • Harness model Seat-o-the-Pants Fastback Deluxe
  • Adjustable gun rest
  • Hot Dot Bowsight [reflected LED lighting provides a small aiming dot]
  • Drop blind for virtually any Summit climbing stand
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