How to Effectively Use Deer Urine to Improve Your Deer Hunting Success

Using deer urine while hunting can be an extremely effective way to attract buck into the shooting range. The scent grabs their attention, sparks their curiosity to investigate, and covers up human odor all in one. But with so many options out there, it can be confusing to choose the best deer urine to employ.

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about utilizing deer urine strategically as part of your whitetail hunting strategy. We’ll discuss:

  • Benefits of Using Deer Scents Like Urine
  • Dispelling Myths Around Deer Urine Use
  • Different Types of Deer Urine Available
  • Key Times to Use Deer Urine by Season
  • How to Apply Deer Urine While Hunting
  • Creating Scent Trails with Urine
  • Making and Using Scent Scrapes
  • Top Safety Tips When Handling Deer Urine
  • The Best Deer Urine Scent Products on the Market

Properly using quality deer urine can increase your chances of scoring that trophy buck. Let’s dive into all the tips and tactics around this powerful hunting tool.

Why Use Deer Urine When You Hunt?

Deploying deer urine, usually from doe, can provide several advantages while hunting:

Piquing Buck Curiosity – urine scent urine will grab a mature buck’s full attention from over 100 yards away. Their curiosity kicks in to find the deer that left the scent.
Drawing Them Closer – As the inquisitive buck tries to pinpoint the location of the deer urine, the scent often pulls them to your stand unknowingly.
Covering Human Odor – The strong fragrance of deer pee also helps mask any unnatural human smells left behind.
Providing Reassurance – Since urine and other natural deer scents mean safety to them, they can bring cautious deer out of hiding.
Simulating Rutting Does – When hunting the rut, buck urine or estrus doe urine simulates active does looking to breed in the area.

While correlated scents like buck urine can also attract deer, doe estrus, or doe-in-heat scents tend to work best. The breeding pheromones peak buck interest and override wariness.

Major Myths About Using Deer Urine for Hunting

Before we get into how to use deer pee the right way, let’s dispel some common myths swirling around deer urine use:

Myth #1: Deer Will Sniff Out Your Stand – There is the misconception that the deer will trace the urine right back to your treestand or blind and bust you. But deer follow air currents, not a direct ground scent trail like dogs. So the urine pulls them generally to the area rather than directly to you.

Myth #2: You Can Over-Use Deer Urine – Some hunters believe you need to limit applying deer urine or the deer get used to the scent. However studies show that using deer urine consistently in the same spots improves efficacy over time.

Myth #3: Any Deer Urine Will Work – There is a prevailing myth that all deer urine is equally effective. However, there are significant quality differences between types that impact results. We will cover how to select the best option later on.

Myth #4: Using Urine Is Cheating – Some hardcore deer hunters look down on those employing deer urine as taking the easy way out. But utilizing reliable scents stacks the odds better in your favor the way that Hunting Smart does overall.

Now that these common misconceptions about using deer pee are cleared up, let’s look at the different choices available for attracting deer.

Different Types of Deer Urine for Hunting & How They Differ

There are a few different types of deer urine products used for whitetail hunting:

Doe Urine – Urine from doe deer is the most popular. The familiar scent attracts curious bucks sniffing out does nearing estrus.
Estrous Doe Urine – This is urine collected from does that are in heat. The estrus-breeding pheromones spark intense interest from bucks during the rut.
Buck Urine – While not as universally effective, active buck urine also intrigues deer with the scent of a challenger in the area.
Synthetic or Mock Deer Urine – As a substitute for real urine, synthetic options mimic doe or buck urine scents using chemical formulations with varying results.

Of these, genuine doe estrus urine tends to attract deer most powerfully and consistently. The mock or synthetic options don’t spark the same intense curiosity and desire to investigate further.

With real deer urine, it’s extremely important to choose brands that explicitly state the product is harvested from CWD-free deer. Chronic Wasting Disease is highly contagious among deer and research shows urine may spread infectious proteins called prions. Reputable urine producers test all their deer to ensure they are disease-free.

When to Use Doe Urine for Deer Hunting By Season

While deer urine can attract deer year-round, typical usage follows yearly deer cycles:

Pre-Rut – Doe urine signals are coming into estrus, causing bucks to start wandering more in early Fall.
Peak Rut – Using estrus doe urine capitalizes on breeding readiness when bucks are most active.
Post-Rut – Doe urine picks back up buck interest as they recover from peak rut and resume feeding patterns.
Shed Antler Season – After deer have dropped antlers from Winter, early Spring urine draws their curiosity.

No matter what part of deer season you are hunting, incorporate deer urine as part of your overall whitetail hunting strategy. Plan to apply it consistently leading up to and throughout the season in the same strategic areas rather than just once.

How to Apply Deer Urine in the Field

Once you have quality deer urine ready for use, here are the main methods to apply it in the field:

Scent Wicks – Hang wicks soaked in doe estrus around your deer stand about 20-25 yards away in various directions to act like doe hot spots. Re-soak them regularly as the breeze disperses the scent.

Scent Bombs – Toss out deer urine scent bombs before settling in your stand to mimic deer traveling through the area. They burst on impact releasing urine odor.

Scent Trails – Lightly dribble deer urine in trails leading toward your stand so the scent pulls bucks along the path directly within shooting view.

Scrapes – Spray or pour deer pee in mock scrape lines and existing buck scrapes to suggest active does checking out the location.

Boot Pads – Saturate boot pads or applicators in liquid deer scent and leave tracks on your stand so deer follow your “trail”.

As discussed already, make applying deer urine part of your regular hunting prep routine rather than just a one-time thing. Consistently placing it in strategic spots in the area when you hunt has proven to yield the best responses.

Plus checking and refreshing urine points confirm whether deer are frequenting the locations as you want. Now let’s drill down more on how to utilize two deer urine tactics that effectively attract deer – creating scent trails and making scrapes.

Creating Scent Trails With Doe Urine

Laying down scent trails using doe urine that leads deer right by your stand location can significantly boost hunting success. Rather than hoping the deer wander into range, you guide them exactly where you want using their intense scent cues.

When Making Urine Trails

Apply deer urine scent trails no more than 2 weeks leading up to hunting season and refresh every 2-3 days. Also, remake trails if significant rain washes away the scent.

How to Form Urine Trails

  1. Identify deer corridors or runways deer travel through in the area. Look for well-worn paths in brush or gaps in fence lines that show signs of flattened vegetation and deer tracks through them. These are the prime trails to attract deer through.
  2. Obtain a deer urine scent drag like a wick soaked in doe estrus urine. For the most powerful formulation, select in-heat doe urine showing full-on estrus breeding indicators.
  3. Before entering your stand, lightly walk the wick soaked in estrus scent fluid along the main deer trail leading toward your stand location. Do the same paralleling all useful ambush shooting lanes.
  4. Pour/spray a small puddle of deer urine where you want the mock trail to emerge within shooting view. It serves as a final attractant to fully divert deer attention directly where you’re set up.
  5. Periodically resoak wicks and remake scent trails every 2-3 days at most leading up to hunts. Also after significant rains wash away existing scent paths in the woods.

Benefits of Deer Urine Trails

The goal of crafting mock estrus doe scent trails is leading horny rut-ready bucks right into shooting range out of pure curiosity. As they follow the hormone-filled urine trail expecting to find the female deer that left it, they let their guard down perfect for an archery or firearm shot.

It takes their attention off watching for danger and focuses everything on the presumed receptive doe. Scent trails can pull in bucks that may not have wandered into the area otherwise too.

Timing Scent Trail Application

Create mock estrus doe trails just before the peak rut gets underway when buck interest is heightened. Re-making and maintaining fresh urine lanes then causes bucks to monitor them daily anticipating does in heat to pass by.

That likely increases daytime buck movement and provides recurring shooting chances. It also may divert nocturnal bucks to hit the trails earlier at dawn and dusk seeking out the breeding calls.

Using Deer Urine on Mock Scrapes

Using doe urine on mock deer scrapes you make sends a powerful signal to bucks of estrous female advertising for suitors. Combining physical signs with the breeding scent makes it hard for testosterone-charged bucks during a rut to resist investigating further.

Why Put Urine In Scrapes

Applying urine attractants in scrape lines gives the visual sign extra allure. The scent makes Bucks believe does created them to attract potential mating partners. So they will not only check out your mock deer scrapes but linger expecting receptive does nearby.

How To Use Deer Pee on Scrapes

  1. Identify a forest edge, field corner, or trail crossway in a high deer traffic area. These tend to make good natural buck scrape points. Clear debris exposing bare earth if needed.
  2. Create a mock deer scrape line by vigorously pawing up the ground with the boot heel until mineral soil is exposed about 4-6” across. Drag heels from the middle out to elongate the scraped patch into an elongated teardrop shape.
  3. Take a stick to create buck rub bark marks and evidence of overhanging branches. Leave a marker stick or small branch laid across the scrape line as an added sign of past deer activity.
  4. Treat the scrape disturbance by pouring deer estrus urine directly into the scraped open earth. Spray surrounding sticks, bark, and debris perimeter too. Reapply scent every few days after making scrapes.
  5. For added impact, drag a tarsal gland wick soaked in buck urine perpendicular through the scrape as the calling card of a challenger buck. The mock territorial marking will intensify interest.

Creating a mock rut sign coupled with pouring estrus deer pee gives irresistible motivation for fired-up bucks to not just stop by but hang around hoping the doe returns. Place scrapes strategically in shooting zones that force deer to expose themselves broadside if they pause to sniff your urine spots.

Key Safety Tips When Handling Deer Urine

While the potent scent of deer urine attracts deer powerfully, use caution when handling to avoid health issues or contamination:

  • Select brands that explicitly confirm all deer urine comes from CWD-free deer herds to prevent Chronic Wasting Disease exposure. Look for a BMP or RM-certified seal from the Responsible Hunting Scent Association.
  • Always wear rubber or latex gloves when handling deer urine, especially in concentrated form. Use eye protection too if pouring larger quantities.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after dealing with deer pee even with gloves on. Avoid touching your face or skin before washing.
  • Prevent spills in vehicles, storage bags, or packs. Urine stench is extremely difficult to remove once soaked into fabric. Store tightly sealed bottles upright.
  • Do not apply scent indoors like in gear storage rooms or the garage. The overwhelming ammonia smell lingers and is problematic in enclosed spaces.

While the scent may be irresistible to deer, take necessary precautions when using potent deer urine yourself. Responsible use means attracting more deer successfully while staying safe too.

Best Deer Urine Scent Brands Reviewed

With so many deer scents and urine options on shelves today, it can be tricky choosing proven products that attract more deer consistently. These brands offer the top-performing deer urine and complementary deer attractants:

1. Tink’s #69 Doe-in-Rut Buck Lure

Tink’s #69 Doe-in-Rut Buck Lure
  • Features oestrus-charged super concentrates from hormone-raised doe
  • Extra thick viscosity lasts longer than thin fluid spreads
  • Dominant buck-teasing estrus hormones spark chasing
  • Earthy scent lock horns safely outside CWD zones
  • Budget price for a premium fully-loaded doe urine

Widely considered the gold standard, Tink’s patented Doe-in-Rut lure drives big mature bucks into a frenzy with its estrus-heightened formula locked and loaded with breeding pheromones. Field tests confirm the special deer fluid drives increased buck visits and daylight activity at scent stations. While a value buy, it outperforms many pricier branded options.

2. Code Blue’s Pre-Orbital Tear Doe Urine

Code Blue’s Pre-Orbital Tear Doe Urine
  • Features high-impact estrus-specific compounds isolated from doe tears
  • Deer communication occurs through vomeronasal organ, accessed via the eyes
  • Tear droplets emit identifiable estrus signals other deer respond to
  • Bottles have convenient sealed dropper applicators to place the scent
  • One of most powerful doe in heat formulations available

Instead of urine, Code Blue capitalizes on estrus hormones concentrated around doe eyes that spark a vigorous Buck breeding response. Their patented Pre-Orbital Tear Doe attractant contains estrus pheromones isolated from doe tear duct glands while in peak heat. Field matching tear for tear against straight urine, the tears come out on top. The easy dispensing dropper applicator places pea-sized scent doses precisely.

3. Wildlife Research Center Special Golden Estrus

Wildlife Research Center Special Golden Estrus
  • A trusted industry leader since the 1980s deer attractant innovators
  • Specializes in highly refined estrus-specific formulations
  • Multiple premium urine options – buck, doe, special golden estrus
  • Mimics full estrus doe visually through proprietary golden hue
  • Research-driven products preferred by pro guides and hunters

The original Dr. Deer, Wildlife Research Center remains the leader in crafting specialized deer scents after decades of field use. Their Special Golden Estrus triggers visible synthetic urine reacting with air to signal a doe ready for breeding. The PhD biochemist-designed formula brings together urinary estrous hormones, estrus-enhancing compounds, and sex attractants amplified for maximum attraction. Expect savvy mature bucks to come running.

Takeaways on Deer Urine Use While Hunting

Keep these core tips in mind when deploying deer urine scent tactics:

  • Choose estrual Cycle-specific doe urine collected during peak estrus
  • Use it liberally during pre-rut and rut hunting phases
  • Employ it in consistent spots rather than just once
  • Refresh it every 2-3 days to keep scent strength high
  • Apply along deer trails and travel corridors
  • Mimic signposts like estrus scrapes or rubs too
  • Handle urine safely with gloves and eye protection

When used properly as part of an overall whitetail hunting game plan, quality deer urine gives you an extremely effective, natural advantage to bring in more and bigger mature bucks fast.

Now that you know how to use deer urine effectively, it’s time to put these tactics to work attracting more monster bucks within shooting range this Fall season!