ATV Food Plot Accessory

The atv has become the workhorse for most of the small food plots because of its size, cost and ability to work in confined places.

The atv food plot accessory market has exploded due to the popularity of atv’s for cultivating small food plots.

There is a wide range of farm implements designed for atv use to plow, disk, plant, fertilize and maintain food plots.

There are a variety of bags, boxes, and racks that can be fitted on an atv on the front, rear or both. Most are designed to be attached to the cargo racks and can carry a wide range of accessories.

ATV Food Plot Accessories

The choice of atv food plot accessory will be determined by the size of your plot, type of ground, and budget. Your atv food plot plan should allow for the purchase of the necessary accessories.

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Rubber-Lined Fork Accessories

These mounts allow tools such as shovels, chainsaws, trimmers, bows and rifles.


A blade at the front or plow can be used to clear trails, push snow, light grading and other chores. A winch on the front can be used to raise or lower the blade.

Some can even be fitted with a snow thrower.

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A small disk/plow can be towed however as the resistance is high, extra engine power is recommended when using one of these.


The food plot spreader can be mounted directly on the rear of the atv, or can be towed separately.


Sprayers can be mounted on the atv, with or without a boom.

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There are various designs of harrows, however they all perform the same function.

Deer Loader

This makes the job of loading and transporting a deer so easy.

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Box Scraper

Dump Bucket

A bucket can be added to the front of the atv.


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