Benefits of Deer Velvet Antler

The benefits of deer velvet antlers that have been scientifically proven include:
  • Improves immune system functioning
  • Improves athletic performance and strength
  • Improves muscle recovery after exercise
  • Is an excellent natural supplement for women’s health
  • Provides vitality and anti-ageing properties for seniors
  • Is an alternative natural supplement for bodybuilding and weight training
  • Is a superior source of Growth Factors including IGF-1 & IGF-2
  • Enhances sexual functioning for both men and women
  • Is a natural supplement for arthritis

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Some of the main benefits of deer velvet antler are due to deer velvet being an adaptogen.

Adaptogens are described as substances that increase the body’s ability, as a whole, to withstand stress and ward off exhaustion.

Most adaptogens are natural remedies with long histories of traditional use. Modern research shows adaptogens have non-specific abilities to strengthen an organism’s resistance to ageing, illness and fatigue.

The ingredients in deer velvet are raw materials our bodies need to create substances needed for good health. Adaptogens, in this case deer velvet, assist with a wide range of conditions creating balance and harmony in the body when needed.

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