Choosing Your Blind or Stand Location

You can have the best stand or blind in the world, but if its not in the right place at the right time, don’t expect success. Choosing your blind or stand location is critical to your success. These are the key things to keep in mind:

  • When you are looking for a site for your blind or stand, consider the distance from where you expect to see deer [bow or gun], wind direction, visibility, concealment, and deer activity
  • Typically look at fencelines, funnels, bottlenecks, saddles, narrow strips of woods or agricultural fields
  • When looking at deer tracks, note the direction of the tracks. Trails or runways being used to reach the feeding areas are likely to be most productive during afternoon or evenings. Those leaving the feeding areas often produce the best results in the morning. Trails with tracks going in both directions should be good at any time
  • Get close to bedding areas before daylight
  • Site a blind or stand in an area near mast crops as acorns are the number one natural food for whitetails and beechnuts are also near the top of the preferred list. So positioning along a major trail heading to/from a stand of oak trees should give you a look at some deer
  • Select a site downwind of where you expect to see the deer
  • If you choose acorn trees, whitetails prefer white oak acorns to red ones
  • Corn and other grain fields are attractive to whitetails especially just after they have been picked. These are often used as both bedding and feeding areas
  • Look for combinations of scrapes and rubs. Scrapes are almost always found under an overhanging branch which has been marked by a buck
  • Scrapes are usually more important than rubs because does visit them when they are ready to breed and the bucks check their scrapes to see if the does have visited them
  • A rub line can be a good spot to lie in wait as it indicates a buck’s travel route
  • The amount of time you spend scouting and observing deer before the season opens will usually be linked to your success rate i.e. you have more information on where deer bed and feed and their travel movements, therefore you are in a better position to know where to place your blind or stand for the best chances of seeing the deer
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