The Top 5 Best Scent Killers for Deer Hunting

Deer have an incredible sense of smell, so using scent killers and cover scents is crucial for hunters who want to get close without being detected. Choosing the right product can spell the difference between a successful hunt and going home empty-handed. This guide will provide a breakdown of the 5 best scent killing products for deer hunting.

How Scent Killers Work

Scent killers work by either neutralizing, absorbing or masking human odors that could alarm deer. There are a few different types of formulas:

  • Odor-absorbing sprays – These products contain activated charcoal, enzymes or baking soda to soak up human odors. They chemically bond to odor molecules to prevent them from escaping into the air.
  • Antimicrobial sprays – These use antibacterial agents to kill odor-causing bacteria on clothes, gear and skin. This prevents odors at the source.
  • Scent-masking sprays – Masking scents use powerful fragrance chemicals to overwhelm human odors with another smell. Common masking scents include earth, pine, cedar and floral scents.
  • Ozone-based sprays – Ozone oxidizes odor molecules, converting them into non-smelly compounds. However, ozone can be unsafe at high levels.
  • Food-grade deodorizers – Some scent killers use food ingredients like enzymes, oxidation agents and plant extracts to digest odors. These are often marketed as “all-natural”.

When shopping for the best deer scent killer, look for one that fits your hunting style and sensory goals. Odor absorbers are versatile and effective, while antimicrobials work well for clothing and gear. Scent masks can also help by making you smell like the environment.

5 Best Scent Killers for Deer Hunting

1. Dead Down Wind Odor Eliminator Field Spray

Dead Down Wind Odor Eliminator Field Spray
  • Top odor-absorbing spray
  • Neutralizes odors without heavy scent
  • Bonds to odor molecules
  • Effective on clothes and gear
  • Lasts several days
  • Environmentally friendly formula

Dead Down Wind is one of the most popular and well-reviewed scent killers. This odor eliminator spray bonds to odor-causing molecules and wicks them away. It leaves behind a light, non-offensive scent of its own. The formula is biodegradable and safe for clothes, skin and equipment. It’s very effective at removing odors from storage bags, boots, stands and blinds.

2. Wildlife Research Center Special Golden Estrus Scent Killer

Wildlife Research Center Special Golden Estrus Scent Killer
  • Best antimicrobial spray
  • Kills bacteria that causes odors
  • Good for clothes and footwear
  • Fresh, clean scent
  • Won’t harm clothing or gear
  • Used by many pro hunters

This specialty formula uses an antimicrobial agent to kill odor-causing bacteria at the source. By stopping odors before they start, it keeps hunters smelling fresh. The light, crisp scent combines well with cover scents. It’s a popular choice for treating boots and clothing. As a bonus, it contains Vitamin E to condition leather.

3. Scent Crusher Ozone Go Portable Ozone Generator

  • Effective portable ozone sprayer
  • Oxidizes odors at molecular level
  • Treat gear, clothing, blinds, etc.
  • Battery powered and rechargeable
  • Automatic shut-off safety feature
  • Lab-tested elimination in 5 minutes

Scent Crusher specializes in ozone-based scent elimination, and the Ozone Go is their top portable sprayer. It treats gear by producing a high concentration of ozone to oxidize odor molecules. Battery powered and lightweight, it can be used in vehicles, tents, tree stands, or anywhere odor removal is needed. It eliminates odors on contact and the effect lasts.

4. Dead Down Wind Evolve Field Spray

  • All-natural plant-based formula
  • Digestive enzymes break down odors
  • Fresh earthy pine scent
  • Safe for all fabrics and surfaces
  • Made in the USA
  • Effective for several days

This field spray uses natural ingredients to absorb and digest odors. A proprietary blend of plant extracts and enzymes literally eats away odor compounds. Its natural pine scent provides concealment without harsh chemicals. Evolve Field Spray is safe for gear, skin, and the environment. Made in the USA, it’s a great choice for hunters who prefer all-natural products.

5. Nasci Stinky Be Gone Pro Formula Odor Eliminator

Nasci Stinky Be Gone Pro Formula Odor Eliminator
  • Industrial-strength odor absorber
  • Bonds permanently to odor molecules
  • Unscented transparent formula
  • Treats large spaces like rooms
  • Safe for all surfaces
  • Used by pest control professionals

Stinky Be Gone Pro is one of the strongest odor absorbers on the market. The transparent, chemical-free formula permanently bonds to odor molecules and contains them safely. It leaves behind no scent of its own. This industrial-strength product can treat large spaces like entire rooms as well as clothing and vehicles. Field-tested by exterminators, it’s trusted for severe odor issues.

How to Use Scent Killers Effectively

Using the right scent killer is step one, but application is just as important. Follow these tips to get the most out of your odor eliminating products:

  • Start with clean gear – Give clothing and equipment a thorough wash or cleaning beforehand to remove built-up odors. This gives the scent killer a clean slate to work with.
  • Apply early and allow time to dry – Don’t just spray and go. Apply sprays and powders the night before hunting while stored outdoors or in a ventilated area. Give ample time for drying.
  • Treat clothing, footwear and accessories – Don’t forget gloves, facemasks, boots, bags and hats. Treat every fabric that touches your body. Pay special attention to boots and socks.
  • Reapply after disturbances – Fording a creek, gutting an animal or other disruptions may require reapplying a scent killer. Respray after intrusions that could stir odors.
  • Contain and segregate treated gear – Store treated clothing and equipment sealed in odor-proof bags or containers separately from untreated items. This prevents cross-contamination.
  • Shower with scent-free soap beforehand – Bathing with an odor-eliminating soap like Dead Down Wind can provide a clean slate before applying sprays.

With the right scent killing products and proper application, you can keep human odors at a minimum. Be strict about odor control across clothing, gear and skin surfaces. Taking these steps will allow you to get closer to deer without triggering that infamous nose, leading to better shot opportunities.

Summary of the Best Scent Killers for Deer Hunting

  • Dead Down Wind Odor Eliminator Field Spray – Top overall odor absorber
  • Wildlife Research Center Special Golden Estrus – Best antimicrobial spray
  • Scent Crusher Ozone Go – Most powerful ozone sprayer
  • Dead Down Wind Evolve – Best all-natural spray
  • Nasci Stinky Be Gone Pro – Strongest industrial formula
  • Scent Killer Laundry Detergent – Ideal for hunting clothes
  • Scent Shield Field Spray – Good all-around option
  • Predator’s Choice Dual-Tek – Provides odor absorption and scent masking
  • Dead Down Wind Dead, Down Under – Best field bathing soap
  • UV Killer – Odor removal with no chemicals

Controlling scent is crucial for getting close to deer undetected. Invest in a quality scent elimination system and religiously apply it to tip the odds in your favor. With preparation and persistence, you’ll find yourself experiencing more intense encounters and shooting opportunities this season.