How to Make Antler Chandelier

Learning how to make an antler chandelier gives you the opportunity to combine the fun of antler shed hunting with the skill to make your own antler chandelier.What you need

  • Several antlers of approximately the same size [pick ones that will work well together]
  • Polyurethane and paintbrush or stain and stain brush
  • Oil soap
  • Antler filler or brown Crayola Model Magic Clay [air drying]
  • Tool kit comprising drill, countersink drill bit, single wire bit, double wire bit, cut off wheel, mandrel, grinding stone
  • Chandelier wiring kit from a hardware shop.

If you want to make you own, use 30 feet brown wire, 10 candelabra style light sockets with 25 watt bulbs, 4 feet chain, 1 eyebolt, 2 lamp sockets, 10 feet table lamp cord, 1 x 10 inch heavy duty harp, 1 x 13 inch heavy duty harp, 2 finials

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How to Make Antler Chandelier

How to Make Antler Chandelier


  • Use oil soap to clean out the inside of the antlers
  • Cover the antlers with several coats of polyurethane or stain and allow adequate drying time between coats
  • Drill a hole through each antler tip that you wish to mount a light bulb
  • Connect the antlers together at their bases
  • Drill some holes through the sides of the antlers.
  • Using wire through the holes, create a circle of antlers, and then tighten the wires. If the wires don’t produce a secure chandelier, use screws.
  • Run the electrical wiring through the holes in the antlers and out the tips.
  • Fill all the holes with antler filler or Crayola clay and use touch up paint if you wish. You can also use the clay or filler to produce a platform for each light if it is not sitting properly on the antler
  • Use a chain and anchor to secure the chandelier to the ceiling
  • Get an electrician if necessary to connect the wiring to the ceiling if you didn’t purchase a chandelier wiring kit
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