Pop Up Blind

A pop up blind is very versatile and can be used to hunt deer, large game, ducks, as well as waterfowl, turkey, and dove.

They are very portable and usually weigh 6-25 pounds.

Setting up is easy and often takes less than 1 minute depending on the construction style.

Most models come with a floor so they can be used in marshy or damp areas.

Some come with a scent containment liner and shadow blocker interior that blocks sunlight to hide your movements.

The windows can be made of a clear material or can match the rest of the pop up blind. For bow hunting, there is the option of having windows that you can shoot through but can’t see through from the outside. This eliminates the movement of drawing the bow and possibly being seen by the animal outside while carrying out this movement.

The windows are easily and cheaply replaced once they have several holes through them.

If you are building your own hunting blinds, you will find plenty of information on hunting blind plans.

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