Pop Up Hunting Blind Buyers Guide

There are many types of portable and pop up hunting blind from an umbrella-style turkey blind, to a fully enclosed weatherproof portable blind.

If you wish to build your own blind, visit Hunting Blind Plans for information and plans.

If you wish to purchase a blind, consider the points below before buying!

Benefits of Hunting from a Blind
  • Concealment from the animal or bird you are hunting
  • Contains or eliminates your scent
  • Is easy to take down and move to another hunting spot if the wind or other hunters in the area make it desirable
  • If the blind has a roof, protection from the weather [so you can stay in the field longer], and being seen from the air by waterfowl
  • If the blind is totally enclosed, minimizes any noise
  • Allows you to hunt where you couldn’t hunt before such as open fields
  • Allows you to video your hunt by be able to have the equipment next to you in the blind
  • Most blinds have shoot through windows that gives bow hunters in particular, the ability to keep the windows closed when setting up for a shot
  • If the blind is enclosed, you can add a heating source for cold conditions
  • If the blind is totally enclosed, ability to have more than one person hunting together and yet minimizing movement and sound
  • Provides more movement, comfort and allows more equipment to be taken
  • Reduces the problems of bugs distracting you and causing you to make movements that may be seen by your game
When can you use a pop-up hunting blind or portable blind?
  • Large game such as deer and elk
  • Turkeys
  • Photography/filming
  • Waterfowl Bow hunting or guns

What Should be Considered Before buying?

What game are you going to hunt as some blinds are more suited for only one type of game?
  • Are you going to bow hunt or use a gun? The space needed is quite large for drawing a bow, so blinds tend to be suited to either bowhunting or guns. Measure the space you need to draw you bow and allow a bit extra for movement. Consider the height needed – are you happy taking your shot sitting or kneeling, or do you need to stand upright?
  • Will you be hunting alone or with someone else? Will it just be 1 other person, and are they likely to be an adult or a child?
  • How quiet or sturdy do you want the blind to be. Spring steel is not as stable in the wind as frame blinds. Frame blinds are more stable in wind and snowfalls but are a bit heavier. Some fabrics are more suitable than others – nylon can make a lot of noise with the rain on it, or in the wind, and in these circumstances cotton twill may be more suitable.
  • Choose a camo pattern to fit in with the environment you are hunting. Some blinds come as a reversible option with a different camo pattern on the inside allowing 2 styles of camo with one blind.
  • How important is scent control – a lot if you are hunting deer, but not very important if hunting turkeys. Some models come with a carbon scent absorbing lining similar to hunting clothes, whereas others have a membrane to contain the scent.
  • To minimize movement and shadows on the inside of the blind, some models come with a black interior – is this likely to be helpful to your hunting?
  • How important is camouflage – there are artificial branches or a camo net that can be added to the blind to assist it to fit in with the environment. If this is important to you, get the model of blind that have loops for these attachments.

By working through these considerations you are more likely to buy the pop-up hunting blind that is better suited to your style of hunting – and therefore make your hunting more successful.

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