Build Your Own Tree Stand – Questions for you to Answer

When you have made the decision to build your own tree stand, answering the following questions will help you know exactly what you want and what to look for:

  •  Is your tree stand going to be a stand-alone one or attached to a tree?
  • How many people and what weight should it accommodate?
  • Is the deer stand going to have any sort of enclosure for protection from the weather or concealment?
  • If you are adding an enclosure, consider where the viewing areas will be if you want windows, and a door/flap to get into and out of the tree stand? If you want windows, how will they open [to minimize noise], and do they provide all-round vision?
  • If you are adding an enclosure, are you going to add heating? If so, is it a safe fuel, and is adequate ventilation and safe placement considered?
  • What materials are you intending to use for its construction i.e. wood, steel, aluminum, or a combination?
  • Will you use any materials such as carpeting to reduce noise from walking around?
  • How will you access your stand if it is not a stand-alone structure?
  • Will you need to buy or build a ladder, climbing sticks, or tree stand steps
  • Will the stand need painting or camo cloth [and therefore you can allow time for the fresh/new smell to lessen before hunting season]?
  • How will you transport the finished tree stand into your hunting environment [will you be able to carry it, or will it need a vehicle to transport it]?
  • Remember to place it before you need to use it so the deer can get used to it.
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