Food Plot Fertilizer

When determining which food plot fertilizer to use, the first consideration should be to get the pH levels correct. Lime The importance of soil pH was discussed in the section … Read More

Velvet Antler Products

Velvet antler products can come in several different forms: Liquid Powder Capsule Tablet Antler velvet slices Deer bone powder Blood products The most common form is powder contained in velvet … Read More

Rattling Antlers

Deer can be attracted to sounds such as rattling antlers or grunts, which they expect to be made by other deer. Hunters try to mimic the sound of fighting bucks … Read More

Deer Antler Velvet

Deer antler velvet is the name given to deer antlers in their early stages of growth, before the antlers harden into bone. It is named after the soft velvety fur … Read More

Deer Antler Supplements

When we provide deer antler supplements, we are providing them with minerals and vitamins. Some hunters think this means putting out a salt block for the deer. So why do … Read More