Hunting Blind Plans

So you want to build your own blind?

You are probably doing it to save money, or for the fun and rewards that go with building something yourself.

Our Plans

  • Deer wooden box ground blind 4′ x 4′ wide by 6’2″[1 person]
  • Deer wooden box ground blind 4′ x 6′ wide by 6’2″ [2 person]
  • Deer wooden box 14′ tower blind 4′ x 6′ wide by 6’2″ [2 person]
  • Duck wooden ground blind 4′ x 6′ wide by 4′ [2-3 person]
  • Duck wooden coffin style blind 3′ x 6’6′ wide by 1′ [1 person]


Here are the plans for a 4×6 box ground blind 4X6boxblind

Included below are construction images of the 5 blinds:

tower blind                                                          box blind

14′ Wooden Deer Tower                                                            4 x 6 Wooden Deer Blind


                 box blind                                                                            duck blind






4′ x 4′ Wooden Deer Blind                                          4′ x 6′ Wooden Duck Blind


coffin blind


Coffin Style Duck Blind


Bill Hackney together with his 10 year old son from North Carolina built this tower stand [photo above and below] with the great camo paint job!

hunting blind

Bill’s comments “I would like to say a big thank you for your plans. My 10 year old son and I just finished one of your tower blind plans and its amazing. Very easy to read plans.”

hunting blind

Matt Steele built the tower blind above and said “I cannot believe how solid the tower is”

hunting blind

A tower blind made by Cletis Fabeaux – Missoula MT who altered the windows and sheathing to suit their needs.